How we use and protect your personal information



1.1 The law determines how organisations can use the personal information they collect. This is underpinned by the Common Law Duty of Confidentiality together with legislation we must comply with including:

  • Data Protection Act 1998
  • Human Rights Act 1998
  • Health and Social Care Act 2012 1.2 The New City Medical Centre holds and uses the personal and confidential information of its patients for a number of purposes. This notice sets out in general terms a summary of the type of information we hold about you, what we use if for and also who we may share your information with. 2 INFORMATION HELD
  • 2.1 The New City Medical Centre collects personal confidential information about you. This information may include (but is not limited to)
  • Your name, address telephone number, date of birth and next of kin
  • Appointment details, associated admissions
  • Correspondence, notes and reports
  • Investigations and test results 2.2 The New City Medical Centre uses this information for the following reasons:
  • to help inform the decisions that we need to make about your care
  • to ensure that your treatment is safe and effective, including any advice that may be provided as part of your care
  • to help us to work effectively with other organisations who may also be involved in your care 3 INFORMATION SHARING For patient care (identifiable information): ‘re
  • 3.1 The New City Medical Centre may share information held about you with other organisations to support:
  • to promote continuity of care by sharing your information with other professionals involved in your care
  • to promote safe care by sharing your information with other health care professionals who might be involved in your care such as emergency departments and out of hours doctor services For planning and assurance (information in anonymised format which does not include information from the patient written notes):
  • to help protect the general health of the public
  • to manage and plan services for the future
  • to review the quality of care provided by the practice to ensure it remains effective
  • to help our staff review the care that is provided to ensure it is of the highest standard and to enable the continual improvement of care
  • to comply with a legal obligation 3.2 Organisations with which information is routinely shared with for the reasons set out above include but are not limited to:
  • For patient care:
  • Local hospitals
  • Emergency and out of hours services 4 OPTING OUT 4.2 For more detailed information about your rights and our responsibilities in respect of data protection, we have a number of information leaflets that are available in our waiting areas and reception, as well as further resources on our website. Easy read format as well as information in other languages is available upon request. 5 SECURITY OF YOUR INFORMATION
  • 5.1 The New City Medical Centre have a range of security measures in place to ensure that your information is held, and where appropriate, shared in a secure way. Your patient record will only be accessed by those members of practice staff who are authorised to do so. 
  • 4.1 All patients have the right to opt out of allowing their personal information to be shared with other healthcare organisations. If you wish to do this, please speak to a member of the practice staff.

5.2 If you have any concerns about the way we handle your information, please speak to a member of the practice staff.


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