minutes of meeting from our patient group

Patient Group New City Medical Centre

Minutes of the meeting held on June 23rd

Present: Margaret Cook, Margery Balmer, Jackie Kent, Judith Whitfied, Janice Rush, Guests: Jackie Nixon Promoting Health Engagement Lead  and Rehena Sultana (Support Worker Bangladeshi Centre)

Apologies: Gillian Galbraith (withdrawn); Marie Mezzo (withdrawn); Moria Barton

Jackie Nixon explained her new role, which is involvement with Health champions network/Community connectors and Volunteering across communities. She explained how Community connectors are moving out into the community to support people with various problems e.g. Bereavement; Social isolation. She also explained how all the Support Services which have been separate groups are now linked together under the new umbrella: LIVE LIFE WELL.

Rehena Sultana explained some of the issues which exist within the Bangladeshi Community which we need to be aware of, if we are going to try and involve the Community in the PG.  We agreed to keep her informed as to how we are progressing because although the members of the Bangladeshi community communicate within their own community they do not communicate outside of it. She also said that she would come to future meetings when possible.  We have added her to our PG List.

Other business:

  1. Dr. Ord is leaving the Practice to take up a position abroad and we would like to wish her well.
  2. New Members It is becoming increasingly difficult to recruit and keep new members so we are going to look at the possibility of setting up a Virtual Group to enable people who would like to be a member but cannot commit themselves to coming to meetings to still be able to take part. We will report back at the next meeting.
  3. Joining with other PG’s We discussed the idea of joining with other PG’s in the East Locality to work together on common problems since no PG is particularly large. Janice will pass a list of the Practices and Practice Managers to Judy to contact them and arrange a meeting with their Patient Group.

Date of next meeting

The next meeting of the PG will Thursday September 10th at the NCMC at 2pm.

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