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Patient  Group  Newsletter , Summer 2015

Hello. It seems that summer has finally arrived and we hope that you are all able to enjoy it. Over the last couple of Group Meetings we have discussed the reasons why we have a Patient Group and this is what we want to achieve:


Aims of the Patient Group (PG)

To give patients a voice in the GP practice. To raise awareness. To discuss suggestions/ideas and concerns. To promote health and well-being within the community by developing an open discussion forum. All patients are welcome either by becoming a member of the Group or by contacting the group .

Since our last letter we are pleased to report that Dr Mcaleese has become a permanent member of the medical team. Our Practice continues to introduce new ideas and they have recently begun to implement the Electronic Prescription Service .

Electronic Prescription Service

You can now order your prescription from the Surgery and have it sent electronically to the Pharmacy which you find most convenient to use. You still need to give 48 hours notice. Tell Reception the name of the Pharmacy you want to use and they will record it and set the process in motion. It is safer there is no paper copy, you don’t need to go to the Practice to pick-up your Prescriptions, saving you time, and since the new system was put in place  prescriptions are reaching pharmacies far quicker resulting in a huge reduction in delays, a bonus for the Practice.






Patient Group Activities

Over the past three months the PG has displayed health information on the PG Noticeboards about the following three health conditions:

During April the focus was on Multiple Sclerosis and the PG board displayed information about MS and contacts names.

May’s focus was Dementia.

There are currently 850,000 people in the UK with dementia and it is forecast to increase making it necessary to raise awareness about what Dementia is, what it is like to live with and to understand how small things can make a difference to people with the condition. It is by working together that we can create a more dementia friendly community. The Alzheimer’s Society has created ‘Dementia Friends’ which is a social movement to increase understanding and inspire people to take action. It is delivered by Dementia Friends Champions using awareness of 5 key messages – material developed by the Alzheimer’s Society – which is funded by the Cabinet and the Department of Health. It has created over one million Dementia Friends whose role is to spread these messages:

(1) Dementia is not a natural part of ageing

(2) It is caused by diseases of the brain

(3) It is not just about losing your memory

(4) It’s possible to live well with dementia and

(5) There’s more to the person than the dementia.

The Sunderland Bangladesh International Centre is running Memory Lane “a new project specifically designed for people with dementia and their carers from black and minority ethinc (BME) communities in Sunderland.” If you would like more information about this service please contact Samouka Dore on 07944480205 or email him at

June is Deafness Awareness month and information is dislplayed on the Notice Board in the upstairs Waiting Room.


Survey on the On-line Appointment and On-line Prescription Service

. This survey will be carried out during June and July and the copies are being distributed by the Staff in Reception, on behalf of the Patient Group. The practice is running this to elicit your views. PG would urge you to participate because it is important that our views are collected and acted upon.

It is important that we embrace these new systems, but we must make sure that our patients get the most benefit from them.

You will also be given a copy of the Aims of the Patient Group.




This is an advanced notice about a new breast-care service which will be available in Sunderland shortly.

START Help get the best new service for Sunderland Sunderland CCG choose and buy health services for Sunderland residents. We are starting to plan a brand new breast-care service for people in the city and want to get the views of anyone from Sunderland who has NHS treatment or surgery for a problem with their breast.

Treatment might have been for either breast cancer or another issue – like a lump that wasn’t cancer – and we’d like to hear from men as well as women. It doesn’t, however, include breast screening (your regular mammogram). The vast majority of patients who get referred with symptoms do not have cancer and it is very important we hear from those people too. We want to make sure that new service is the best it can possibly be and with your help we can do that.  Your comments and feedback are the starting point as your experience is vital to how we will plan the service and decide who will provide it for us. If you have experienced treatment, we will soon be launching a survey and we would be very grateful if you complete it.  The survey will be online or available in print from your GP or pharmacy. If you are interested you can ask us to send you the survey directly –  just email  or call 0191 217 2670 with your details and we’ll send you the questionnaire. Copy sent from Helen Gray.

It is rather a lengthy Newsletter this time but we hope the information will be useful to you. Please let us have your comments/suggestions/thoughts because we represent all of you.                       Your Patient Group

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