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Patient Group Newsletter December 2018

Welcome to our last Newsletter of 2018. We are very pleased to see that it appears to be a success so if you have items which you think may be useful please pass them on. We are a busy practice and are happy to report that our numbers are steadily increasing and we look forward to becoming more active on your behalf however if any of you are still interested in joining us then please do ask at Reception for details.

On an unhappy note, we said goodbye to Dr Clarke in October however we welcome Dr Ryan McAleese who joins the practice on a permanent basis in January and we hope he enjoys being a part of the practice.

New City has 5,148 registered patients and the survey was conduct by the Patient Group (PG) on six half days during October 2018 and managed to elicit the views of 126 (45%) patients from the potential 279 patients attending the surgery on those days. 124 of the 126 kindly completed the survey the remaining two patients refusing to partake.



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