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NEWSLETTER  Autumn 2013

Hello. This is the first issue of our Patient Newsletter.  It is a new venture/idea which we hope will receive your support and encourage you to put forward ideas for items you would like to comment on or have included. This first issue is a general guide to the Practice. If you have difficulty in reading it because the type is too small or the colours cause you a problem, please speak to a member of our Administrative Team and we will try to get copies printed in a way that will help you.


Dr S. Schofield M.B.B.S  MRCGP

Dr A. Kowalczyk-Ord MRCPG



If you are aged 70 or 79 you may be eligible for this vaccination. Please ask a member of the Administrative Team for more information



Starting in November, patients are being offered an Out of Hours Service which will be based at the Riverview Health Centre.


We are now well underway with new NHS health checks

If you are aged between 40 years and 70 years and have not had an annual check or 6 monthly check for an existing medical condition you are eligible for this Health Check.  Invitations are being sent to all our patients who fall into this category, but you do not need to wait for your letter. If you have not had a health check within the last year, please speak to one of the qualified members of the Administrative Team and they will book an appointment at a time convenient to you.

Influenza Vaccine Campaign-Our clinics are up and running so don’t miss out book your appointment today If you are aged 65 and over or suffer from a chronic illness, book your appointment now to have your flu vaccine. It is important to have this done as soon as possible to prevent you becoming unwell as winter approaches. This also applies to our pregnant ladies you too qualify for flu vaccine. 

2-3 year olds– The NHS has introduced a new flu vaccine which targets all our 2-3 year olds. It is now available and is offered as a nasal spray to all children in the age group. Parents will receive letters for those children who qualify. For more information please ask one of the administrative team


Surgery Opening Times

Monday         8.30am-6pm

Tuesday        8.30am-6pm

Wednesday   8.30am-6pm

Thursday      8.30am-6pm

Friday           8.30am-6pm

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