Minutes of patient participation group meeting

The New City Medical Centre

PPG Meeting held 23rd July 2013. Minutes of the Meeting

Tatham Street   




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Dr S Schofield

Dr A Ord


Practice Manager: J Rush





23RD July 2013


In Attendance:

JW Patient Participation Group Member

MC Patient Participation Group Member

MB  New member  Patient Participation Group

JR Practice Manager

LA Deputy Manager


JR thanked everyone for coming to the meeting and introduced our possible new member Ms MB to the group, JR said that we had re-vamped the registration form adding the information about the PPG and there had been some interest, LA had written to 2 patients inviting them to today’s meeting, but they had not turned at the meeting.


JR mentioned that the Commissioning Board which had been set up in April 2013 has been allocated an innovation fund of £1000.00 to spend on health & wellbeing.  Or alternatively this fund can be spent on any project that will help the community improve health issues, deprivation, community support etc., This innovation fund will hopefully treat and support more patients in there own homes and communities and improve more healthier lifestyles.  JT mentioned that this locality group is made up of 10 practices within our area. Since the commissioning boards came into effect from April Practices were asked to put forward ideas and suggestions or a proposal to bid where the money would be best spent.  In our locality group there were 3 proposals put forward, these proposals were:


1: To employ Practice Nurses-Nurse Practitioners to go into Nursing and Residential homes to do a “ward round” on a regular basis to check on the health of the resident.  The concept behind this proposal is to identify any health issues, put in place improved care packages, reduce the level of admissions into secondary care, treating and managing the patient in there own home setting


2: Analysis, More data, the aim is to get all GP surgeries onto the same computer system: EMIS Web, Our surgery should be moving onto this shortly.  Also Information Governance – Patient confidentiality – and correct patient information is of the highest importance.


3: Attendance at A&E: Recently a PM (practice manager) from another surgery in Sunderland spent the evening in A&E watching patients arriving all evening and was shocked to see that 90% had come in with “minor ailments”.  The Busiest time of the day was after surgery hours and Saturday and Sunday.  The PM (Practice Manager) wanted to have a list of PM’s who would “police” the attendees at A&E and if they did not need to be seen there, to refer them to another service, e.g.: WIC, (walk in centres) Pharmacist, Minor Injuries.  JR (Practice Manager) said that she did not support this idea as the PM’s do not have medical training and they should not be tasked and are not clinically trained to triage and make clinical decisions to direct patients to a different service. Following on from this, the 3rd proposal would be to provide an Out of Hours(OOH) service at Riverview HC Monday –Friday 6-8pm and Saturday and Sunday, with GP,HCA and Administration cover.  JR had also pointed out that of the 10 surgeries in our locality group, 9 of them already deliver extended hours to there own patients, our Practice does not engage in the extended hours programme, however it appears that even though this Practice does not provide this service the Practice is following a similar trend as the other practices in our locality.  It would appear despite these additional services the patients would still rather attend A&E instead of going to their own GP. The concept behind this project is to streamline patients who call the 111 service out of hours (when the surgery is closed) to a GP in Riverview H.C. between 6pm-8pm Monday to Friday and 9am – 5.00pm Saturday & Sunday.  JR has concerns because of the ongoing problems with the 111 service at the moment, she feels this will not work because of the never ending demand and capacity that the 111 services are currently experiencing and dealing with at the moment. JR feels that it will be impossible to engage the 111 services efficiently with this project with all the other issues they are facing.   There seems little point in spending more money to cover Riverview HC with Clinical and administration cover for part of the same times.  JW though that there may be a case for both OOH cover but that she would need more information, also that the sharing of patient information would need to be worked out before this was to go ahead.  There needs to be a central data point?


MS mentioned that in the past Sunderland had  five hospitals, with four A&E department’s, however Sunderland now have only one A&E department to now cover the demands of an increasingly sized population in this area, this inevitably will have a huge impact on this department and bring it to crisis level.


JR did mention that we do have a flagging system within the surgery for patients who attend A&E and a substantial amount of our high flyers attending A&E seemed to be attending with Drug or alcohol related problems ending up sometimes in admission or young children with minor ailments


JW wondered if there would be a possibility of setting up an OOH help service for patients with Drug/Alcohol problems out of the 100,000 pounds commissioning money, this may divert some or “turn customers” away from the A&E dept.


MS mentioned that in Newcastle they had employed people from within a community and introduced training programmes, these Health Trainers were not always expected to have any clinical knowledge, they were provided with training in all aspects of any minor medical issues or social issues.  Once the Health Trainer has completed their training programme they can then actively engage into the community providing support and useful information to the patients, such as useful contact numbers, websites, and patient information leaflets.  This is a way of streamlining the patient to the right services with minor complaints or concerns and also which more often than not in some cases all the patient needs is help and support.  It appears to be working relatively well in this area.  MS 


JW had some information leaflets about training for Drug/Alcohol, mental health and may other problems which she would send to LA.  Volunteers would be needed to undergo training and to work within their areas.


MB had said that there was an unfortunate loss of community spirit and this impact to people not engaging or helping one another within the community was almost definitely the result of the changes within the NHS, there are no longer people living within the community that people would go to for medical help or advice, in fact some people did not even seem to have a basic first aid kit at home.  Education is the way forward, starting with young school children with general basic information, this in turn, may help with less A&E visits with minor ailments.


LA wondered about the possibility of giving basic first aid kits with health care information out to new patients, or even as we thought this would be achievable at a fairly low cost, for the Commissioning board to be able to give away first aid kits at a pre arranged “help yourself health day”.  These first aid kits could comprise of:       Dressings, Elastoplasts, A sling

Information sheet on minor ailments

Web page Patient information leaflets (minor ailments)


JW had been to another meeting recently at Deerness Park HC and had seen their news letter which is produced by a patient there, this was full of information about the practice, answers to questions that patient’s had asked and some simple recipes etc.


MB asked about the phrasing of the message on the Jayex board, limiting patients to only two problems per appointment, although she understood there needed to be a time limit to appointments, she thought that some patient might leave some vital information about their illness out when talking to a GP as they had been advised to only talk about two problems, JR said that she would look into the wording of the message.




JR said that she had got the results from the internal practice survey and is in the process of converting the results into a easy to read graph these results will be displayed in the patients waiting areas and on the Practice website in due course however there will be a delay as she did not know how to change the information over to this format.  MS one of the patient group members has offered to help her.





 We are about to start on Phase 1 of the procedure to start doing online prescriptions, which will enable patients to order their prescriptions via the computer 24 hours per day and 7 days a week.


Patient appointment on-line electronic access will be rolled out in due course, patients are to keep an eye on patient waiting areas and websites when this new service will be available. JR mentioned when the time comes patients will need their own password which will be set up in the practice by AMB. 


This service will eventually be available, however JR mentioned that we will be changing over to a new computer system in the coming months and feels it would be appropriate to wait until we have completed staff training with the new system and ironed out any other issues before we start taking on these projects.  However JR feels there is no reason why we cannot implement the on-line prescription access and the Practice has already started the process




Although there has been very little uptake on the renaming of the surgery, it has been decided to change the name of the practice to The Mowbray Medical Group.  The Practice will keep patients updated and informed in a timely manner when the changeover in name is implemented


The practice has agreed to relocate AKO Room and bring her clinic downstairs and to move the PM’s room upstairs.  This will enable better patient access. JR mentioned the Practice proposes to stagger the starting times of some surgeries, so that we would be able to offer appointment times throughout the day.  JW did say that if we did stagger the surgery times we might then be able to do a later evening surgery to accommodate the people who had been going to the A&E clinics when our surgery was closed. No decision was taken at this time.


We have made some changes to the appointment system, more routine appointments have been opened and also more extra appointments opened up as well.


JR said the Practice is aware of some difficulty with appointment access and choice; however we are continually trying to strive to improve these services; however the Practice at the moment currently has to rely on locum doctors to cover the capacity and demand.  JR said this is being closely monitored








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