The Patient Participation Group

We would like to let our patients know that our Patient Participation Group has now been established, and those who have expressed an interest in taking part have been invited to a meeting at the surgery.

We know however, that not all patients can attend the surgery therefore, we would like to invite all patients to put forward any relevent suggestions on how to improve our service so that they can be discussed at our Patient Meetings.

If you have any ideas or suggestions that you would like to put forward for the group to address, please use the “contact us” section of this internet page.

We are currently also picking a random cross section of patients to take part in a general questionnaire about our surgery and services. We would appreciate it if you are selected, to please return the questionnaire so that we can look at ways to improve our services.

We are also hoping to implement a newsletter via this website to keep patients updated on the outcomes and future developments and forthcoming changes we hope to make to our services for the benefit of our patients.

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